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Our cat and small animal boarding house is located in a family house in a cozy and safe environment in Nagykovácsi near Budapest (9 km from Széll Kálmán tér).

Our boarding house was founded in 2008. Our primary goal was to ensure an environment that felt friendly, spacious and like home.

We want the owners of the cats to be able to spend a carefree holiday, because their pets are housed in a safe, but not cramped cage, in comfortable, spacious, heated rooms similar to home

The advantage of the small numbers of guests in our boarding house is that we can take care of the cats according to individual needs.

Everyone in our family is a big fan of cats, so we enjoy being around other cats alongside ours.

A Cicahotel, kívülről

"This place is a 'cat paradise'! I was very afraid of what would happen to my indoor and outdoor spoiled cat, without access to a garden and therefore not being able to go out, but thanks to Eva and the well-equpiied rooms, Otto had a great time, eating with a good appetite and sunbathing happy at the window."

Melinda, Otto's owner

"Thank you. I am very satisfied with Kitty Hotel. When I went to pick up my cat I found her in a good mood and it was written all over her face. I was able to entrust Piri to loving, caring people. I am glad that such a place exists, I wholeheartedly recommend it to others as well!”

Gabriella, Piri's owner

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